November 15, 2023
Game Update

Developer Update - Gameplay Abilities

We're back with another fantastic update, this time bringing you some exhilarating new gameplay abilities to enrich your in-game experience. Our team has meticulously crafted these abilities, ensuring they not only enhance your gameplay but also introduce a new layer of strategy. Let's explore these dynamic new additions:

  1. Double Dash: Get ready to zip across the battlefield with lightning speed! The Double Dash ability allows your character to perform two rapid dashes in quick succession, giving you the edge in dodging enemy attacks and navigating the environment.
  2. Double Jump: Reach new heights with the Double Jump ability! This enhancement enables you to perform an additional jump while in mid-air, allowing you to access previously unreachable areas and evade enemies with greater ease.
  3. Aerial Attack: Take the fight to the skies with the powerful Aerial Attack! This new ability grants you the power to unleash devastating attacks while airborne, catching your enemies off guard and adding an extra layer of strategy to combat.

The introduction of the Kinetic charge system adds a new strategic element to Zorans: Resistance, requiring players to balance their abilities carefully and make tactical decisions on when to use them.

Stay tuned for more incredible updates and enhancements coming to Zorans: Resistance.